Each year, we will have a limited number of open spaces for both cooking and non-cooking food vendors for the North Carolina Apple Festival.

There are two types of Food Vendors at the North Carolina Apple Festival.. Regular Food Vendors are vendors who prepare and/or serve food on-site during the Festival, Pre-Packaged Food Vendors are those who sell prepared and packaged off-site and ready to sell to festival attendees. Examples would include food items such as jars of honey; sauces, dips, fudge or baked goods. We limit the number of Pre-packaged Food Vendors each year and may have a lottery based on the number of applicants,

In order to be considered please submit the Vendor Interest Form along with 1 NON-RETURNABLE photo of your booth and a full list of your proposed menu including prices.  Our single booth spaces are 10 x 10.

The Selection Committee will meet throughout the spring and invite vendors to participate in that year’s event.  Successful vendors will receive a letter and the formal application which as to be returned, along with the fees by the date included in the letter.