Art and Craft Vendors

Interested in being an Arts & Crafts vendor at the North Carolina Apple Festival? Hendersonville’s beautiful Main Street is home to a nine block Street Fair with over 200 vendors including quality arts & crafts vendors. We are proud of our reputation as one of the finest Street Fairs in the southeastern United States.

Arts & Crafts Categories

Our goal is to provide a balanced show that showcases handmade/handcrafted arts and crafts and diversity of types by the applying artist. Although we work towards having varied types as a principal objective, the North Carolina Apple Festival does not establish a quota in any category. Please review category definitions carefully. (Catalog or home based sales products do not qualify.)

CERAMICS: Original functional and/ or non-functional works created by the artist from clay, porcelain, stoneware, and/or earthenware. If multiple pieces of the same design are displayed, each piece must be signed. No machine made or mass produced work is permitted.

DRAWING:  Includes works created by the artist using media including chalk, charcoal, pastels, pencil, wax crayons, etc. or from fluid medium of inks applied by pen or brush. This would include arts such as face painting.

FIBER: All works crafted from fibers including leather, paper, basketry, embroidery, weaving, tapestry and papermaking. Machine tooling, machine screened patterns or miscellaneous forms of mass production are NOT permitted. No factory produced wearable items, regardless of additional modification or enhancement by the artists, will be accepted.

GLASS: Works that have been crafted via glass blowing, molding, or casting, as well as works that have been kiln-formed. Works may be etched or engraved. Glass works may be functional or purely decorative in design.   No form of mass production is permitted.

JEWELRY: All jewelry, whether the work is produced from metal, glass, clay, fiber, paper, plastic or other materials.  No commercial casts, molds, mass production, or production studio work allowed.

METALWORK: Functional works of art made from metal.

MIXED MEDIA/SKIN CARE: Includes work that incorporates more than one type of material in their production. This category includes handmade lotions and soaps.

PAINTING: Oil, acrylic, watercolor, tempera, etc.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Includes all photographic processes which begin with a camera lens. All pieces must be signed and in a limited edition. Prints must have been processed by the artist or under artist’s direct supervision. Prints must meet “archival quality” standards.

PRINTMAKING: Prints are defined as multiple originals where the artists hand has manipulated the plates, stone, blocks, composite reliefs, or screens and which are properly signed and numbered in limited editions.

SCULPTURE: 3-dimensional original work done in any medium.

WOOD: Original hand-tooled, machine worked, turned or carved.

For pre-packaged foods, please see Food.

How to Apply?

All interested Arts and Crafts vendors must fill out and mail a Vendor Interest Form along with three pictures to be considered for our Street Fair. We do not accept telephone or e-mail requests for applications.

The Selection Committee will meet throughout the spring and invite vendors to participate in that year’s event. Successful vendors will receive a letter and the formal application which has to be returned to the Festival, along with the fees, by the date included in the letter.

Our booth spaces are 10′ x 10′. Three-day vendor fees begin at $300, and four-day vendor fees begin at $400. We only have a few spaces with electricity. You should not send in any money until you receive a formal invitation and application.

We will start taking Art and Craft Vendor Interest Forms for 2024 on September 5, 2023 until January 15, 2024. Successful vendors will receive a letter no later than April 15, 2024.