Non-Profits Online Form

  • (Non-Profits must be located in Henderson County and any funds raised must be used primarily in this community.)
  • The festival days are Friday, Saturday and Sunday for Non-Profits on Labor Day Weekend. The booth must be staffed each day from 10:00 AM until 8:00 PM. (If you are interested in four days or need electricity, please contact the office.) You must supply your own 10 x 10 tent. This form must be received no later that April 1st. to be considered for the Festival. A drawing will be held in April and you will be notified if selected. Items for sale are subject to approval by the Festival’s Executive Director. You can sell bottled water that is purchased from our provider. (You may not give away water.) You may not sell soft drinks or screen-printed t-shirts/hats. Describe what you are planning to do at your booth? If you are planning to sell items, please provide some examples.
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