NC Apple Festival Board

The NC Apple Festival would not be successful without the board members who serve and volunteer throughout the year. Each board member is responsible for some part of the festival, and the festival could not happen without their time and effort. The star next to a board members name denotes a past president of the NC Apple Festival.

Cheryl Gudger-Thompson, President
Todd Mullinax, 1st Vice President
John Connet, 2nd Vice President
Renee Elrod, Treasurer*
Geraldine Lamb, Corporate Secretary*
Lee Henderson-Hill, Past President*
David Nicholson, Executive Director*

Board of Directors
Connie Babcock, Hospitality
Gwenn Lanning, Hospitality *
John Connet, City Representative
Harley Blackwell, Ambassador Program
Eric Cannon, Children’s Activities *
Tonya Cochran, Sponsorship*
Richard Crandall, Ambassador Program
Dawn Creasman, Ambassador Program
Colby Creasman Buchanan, Ambassador Program
Lori Dorsey, Special Events
Mike Elrod, Ice
Renee Elrod, Print Media*
Cheryl Gudger-Thompson, Volunteers
Vicki Gunning, Merchandise
Jimmy Gunning, Merchandise
Lee Henderson-Hill, Special Events
Teresa Lyda, Sponsorship
Melanie Matteson, Activities*
Cassy Mirich, Social Media
Todd Mullinax, Sponsorship
Melissa Mummert, Logosticss
Lynn Pearson-Brown, Sponsorship
Meg Penny, Facilities
Larry Phillips, Facilities
Todd Sharpe, Facilities*
Sher Phillips, Entertainment
Pat Shepherd, Entertainment*
John Shepherd, Parade*
Mark Shepherd, Parade
Carol Anne Surrette, Entertainment
Robyn Shepherd, Entertainment
Paula Roberts, Hospitality
Erik Summey, Food Vendors*
Heather Taylor, Website*
Evelyn Uhrlass, Recording Secretary
Ruth Woodruff, Merchandise
Chasity Corn, Volunteers
Helen Hauser, Board Member Emeritus*

*Designates Past President